About Department

Department of Metalurgical and Materials Engineering of Marmara University is a department which
educate at undergraduate level,consist of experienced academic member,giving importance to
cooperation of research and industry.Departmant started education in 2010-2011 academic year
This Department research about;solar energy,hydrogen energy,fuel cells,Production and characterization of ceramics,
surface modification and coating of metallic materials,bio-materials,electronic applications of ceramics,
synthesis and analysis of nano-scale materials,semi-conductors

Graduation Advantages

1)Strong infrastructure of Maths,Physic,Chemistry and basic engineering subjects and ability of using them
2)Having knowladge of essential technics and equipments for modern engineering application and using them
3)Knowladge of basis subject about metalurgical and materials engineering and evaluation performance,structure
4)Recognizing of engineering problems and finding solution to problems

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