Faculty of TechnologyMetallurgical and Materials Engineering

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Prerequisite Courses

Course Code  Course Name Course Code  Prerequisite Course
IST345 Statistics for Engineers MAT185 Calculus I
MAM104 Mechanics I MAT185 Calculus I
MAT285 Differential Equations MAT186 Calculus II
MAM210 Heat and Mass Transfer MAT186 Calculus II
MAM203 Fluid Mechanics MAT186 Calculus II
MLM204 Strength of Materials MAM104 Mechanics I
MAM301 Machine Elements I MLM204 Strength of Materials
MLM208 Non-Destructive Testing Methods of Materials MLM205 Materials Science I
MLM303 Destructive Testing Methods of Materials MLM205 Materials Science I
MLM306 Mechanical Behaviour of Materials MLM205 Materials Science I
MLM304 Phase Diagrams MLM205 Materials Science I
MAM311 Computer Aided Design (CAD) MAM120 Technical Drawing
YDI431 Technical Foreign Language I (English) YDZx121,YDZx122 Foreign Language-I, II
YDI432 Technical Foreign Language II (English) YDZx121,YDZx122 Foreign Language-I, II

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