Student Advisors Department of Mechanical Engineering

First Class Student Advisor:          Yrd. Doç. Dr. Mustafa ÇAKIR      E-1 
Second Class Student Advisor:      Doç. Dr. Münir TAŞDEMİR          C107
Third Class Student Advisor:         Doç.Dr. Özkan GÜLSOY            C205

Each student during undergraduate study to guide him in the academic sense, is an adviser to advise.

Agents of the competent faculty members, students, and wishes to select courses that should be required to complete the program of help and guidance in establishing an academic plan.

Agents, as well as students, the university policy, rules already existing programs at the university opened, career opportunities, and so on. will provide guidance on.

Information Management System (BYS) of Marmara University faculty members, students can see the consultant.

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